Paul M. Van Dort and Trivia

My name is Paul M. Van Dort. PM Photo was started in the Fall of 1990 after spending 26 years on the technical and sales side of the photographic industry. My computer background started around 1972 with classes in Fortran II and IV. Eight years later I began working on the PC.

The first PC had a processing speed of less than 3 MHz, no hard drive, no sound, no video card, no modem, no Windows, but it did have two 5-inch floppy drives, a mono-chrome green monitor and was connected to a 9 pin dot matrix printer. The operating system was DOS, and if you wanted a special application, you could always create it in a programming language called Basic.

In 1990 I started using a program called CorelDRAW 2.0 to create logos, and drawings. The Corel Corporation sponsored a World Wide contest and in their fifth year I received two "Honorable Mentions" for graphic designs. In 1998 the Corel Corporation flew my wife, Mitzi and me to Ottawa, Canada to receive one of the eight monthly awards for publishing in the Corel 8th International Competition. But, the most rewarding part of using Corel was the six years I spent teaching the program to others at Truckee Meadows Community College.

During the latter half of 1994 I plunged myself into the World Wide Web by first designing a personal web site and then designing sites for other businesses.

I have established a network of "Industry Professionals" so that whatever your project is, PM Photo & Computer Services can take you from "Concept to Final Product ". The philosophy I have built the business on is:

Offer a quality product, fast and reliable service at reasonable prices.